Ensure your developers love Continue

Set yourself up to create a successful AI code assistant

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The control plane you need
to roll out to your entire team

Authenticate and add developers to your team

Enable your entire team to use your custom AI code assistant when coding

Make it easy for your developers to get started with Continue

Govern how models and context are used

Streamline the guidance that developers receive from your custom AI code assistant

Secure and protect your API keys, ensure best practices are followed by Continue, and more

Collect metadata on model and context use

Understand and improve how your custom AI code assistant is used by your developers

Analyze your Continue usage to refine the suggestions from your AI code assistant

Return your focus to developer
happiness and productivity


Share with confidence

Give your custom AI code assistant to your team now


Easy to manage

Evolve how your custom AI code assistant works over time with ease


Private and secure

Keep your sensitive data where you need it in your data plane of choice

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