Amplified developers,
automated development

Continue keeps you in flow. Our open-source IDE extensions enable you to easily create your own modular AI software development system that you can improve over time

Customize and optimize each component of your AI dev system

Remain in flow while coding

by removing the barriers that block productivity when building software

Accelerate development now

with a plug-and-play system that makes it easy to get started and integrates with your entire stack

Become a leader in AI

by setting up your software development system to evolve as new capabilities emerge

Accelerate your development
with Continue


Tab to autocomplete

Continue completes single lines or entire sections of code in any programming language as you type

Reference and chat

Attach code or other context to ask questions about functions, files, the entire codebase, and more

Highlight and instruct

Highlight code sections and press a keyboard shortcut to rewrite code from natural language
How it works

Fit Continue into
your dev environment

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Roll out Continue to your entire organization

See how Continue Enterprise empowers your engineering team to not only use but also improve your AI software development system

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